Influence of Plant Growth Regulators and Media on In vitro Propagation of Sorbus aucuparia L.


Aucuparia is an important slow growth forest tree with medicinal, industrial and ornamental uses which is applied for reforestation in high altitude of mountain lands. This species has been endangered at northern forests of Iran; therefore micropropagation of adult trees by bud culture may help to reforestation. The best sterilizing treatment was the buds washing with HgCl2% 0.1 solution for 7 minutes in Autumn. The highest of shoot regeneration were taken in DKW medium with BA (0.5 mg/l), IBA (0.1 mg/l) and TDZ (0.05 mg/l). Rooting of shoots was done in modified MCM medium supplemented with 1.5 mg/lof IBA in dark condition. The plantlets were acclimated in green house.


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