Article Processing Charges

Open Access

The Medicinal Plants and By-products Journal is an open access journal. Publishing an article in this journal requires an Article Processing Charges (APC) are payable by authors or their research funder that will be billed to the submitting author following acceptance. Apart from this Article Processing Charge there are no other fees (for example submission charges, page charges, or color charges). 


The Medicinal Plants and By-products' open access policies

The Medicinal Plants and By-products works in partnership with the research community, funders and other stakeholders to develop policies to help our customers and clarify our position on key issues. Our policies include:


  • Accessibility: Policy to make our products fully accessible to all users.
  • Article withdrawal: Policy for article removal or retractions.
  • Publishing ethics for books: Policies for Authors.
  • Copyright: Outlines Authors rights when publishing with JMPB.
  • Sharing articles: JMPB's policy on article sharing.
  • Digital archive: Policy on the permanent availability and preservation of published content.
  • Editorial independence: Policy on independent editorial decisions.

Note: no articles will be accepted without reviewing and going through all the admission process. There isn't absolutely "Fast Publication" in this journal, and such a request by the authors will lead to the rejection of the article. 

Note: It is crucial to bear in mind that any grammatical errors in your article may render it unpublishable. However, you have two options to address this issue. You can edit the manuscript yourself, or you can authorize our team of editors to handle it for you. It is essential to note that the cost associated with this service is separate from the article processing charges.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for sharing your work with us.


Loyalty Rate (discount)

The authors can publish their manuscripts at a lower fee by refereeing the J.M.P.B manuscripts if the authors are professors and assistant professors. Each manuscript Loyalty Rate (discount) includes:

  • The second article Loyalty Rate in One Year (7% discount)
  • Refereeing journal manuscripts Loyalty Rate (7% discount)
  • Students Loyalty Rate (7% discount)
  • Professors Loyalty Rate (7% discount)