Aims and Scope

Journal Of Medicinal Plants and By-products (JMPB) is a scientific journal devoted entirely to all facets of pure and applied studies on medicinal plants or plant excluding those of a purely agricultural or horticultural nature.

This journal aims to cover all major subjects areas associated with medicinal plants and their by-products. The journal welcomes the following topics:

• Botany (Identification, Chemosystematics, Biosystematics,...)

• Phytochemistry (Analytical Chemistry, Chemical composition, Chemical synthesis, Toxicology,..)

• Agriculture (Cultivation, Plant breeding, Genetics,...)

• New Technologies (biotechnology, nanotechnology)

• By-products and processing (Bio products, non-wood forest products, extraction methodology, drying,…)

• Biosynthesis/ biochemistry

• Microbiological activity

• Biological activity

• Economics, marketing and export,…

This journal is an essential reference in which recent research and other information is shared and accessible by investigators within international community that work or have an interest in herbs, spices and medicinal plants.