Who is the publisher of the Journal?

The publisher of our journal is Iranian Medicinal Plants Society.

Advertising: What kind of ads are displayed in the journal?

Ads in the journal can be considered related to the following topics:
Analytical chemistry, chemical composition, chemical synthesis, chemosystematics, agriculture, cell biology, developmental biology, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, biodiversity, ecology, by-products and processing, marketing and bioinformatics.

What is the process of checking ads?

Initially, an email should be sent to the executive manager of the journal (the information provided is in the editorial board section), after reviewing the correctness and appropriateness of the ads to the final confirmation sent to the editor-in-chief of the journal.

How the ads are displayed on the site?

Ads are displayed on the site based on their date of upload.

How many pages should an article have?

Although text files should be double spaced in the first submission, a document should be 10-15 pages long with single space between lines.

How long does the article review process take?

The article reviewing process depends on the manuscripts and how long it takes for them to be revised and takes approximately 2 to 4 months.

How to register?

Follow the path below: enter the home page / registration section / complete Personal information and Account information

How do I find out about the reviewers' comments?

The reviewer(s) have recommended publication. And the comments of the Editor are included at the bottom of this letter. Pay attention to whether the reviewers' comment on the print is a short communication or original. If you disagree with the type of printing, let me know. Also, I invite you to respond to the Editor's comments and revise your manuscript within the period of defined time.

How do I submit a revised manuscript?

To revise your manuscript, log into https://jmpb.areeo.ac.ir/ and enter your Author Center, where you will find your manuscript title listed under "Submissions Needing Revision". Please click on "Submissions Needing Revision" Your manuscript number has been appended to add files and make other edits.

Once the revised manuscript is prepared, you can upload it and submit it through your Author Center.

While submitting your revised manuscript, you will be able to respond to the comments made by the reviewer(s) in the space provided. You can use this space to document any changes you make to the original manuscript. To expedite the processing of the revised manuscript, please be as specific as possible in your response to the reviewer(s).

IMPORTANT: Your original files are available to you when you upload your revised manuscript. Please delete any redundant files before completing the submission.

Because we are trying to facilitate the timely publication of manuscripts submitted to the journal, your revised manuscript should be uploaded as soon as possible. If it is not possible for you to submit your revision in a reasonable amount of time, we may have to consider your paper as a new submission.

Once again, thank you for submitting your manuscript to this journal and I look forward to receiving your revision.

How much does the article processing charges?

The Medicinal Plants and By-products Journal is an open access journal. Article Processing Charges (APC) are payable by authors or their research funder. 


The article processing charge in the Journal of Medicinal Plants and By-Products (JMPB) is 40000000 Rials for domestic authors (Iranian authors) and 700 USD for foreign authors.


It is crucial to bear in mind that the presence of any grammatical errors in your article may render publication impossible. However, you have two options to address this issue. You may opt to self-edit the manuscript, or you can authorize our team of editors to handle it on your behalf. It is important to emphasize that the cost mentioned is separate from the article processing charges.

How to pay for the article processing charges?

Payment for the manuscript can be made by the account number listed in the manuscript review process, and deposit receipt images send to jmpb@areeo.ac.ir.

What is the article discount?

The authors can publish their manuscripts at a lower fee by refereeing the J.M.P.B manuscripts if the authors are professors and assistant professors. Each manuscript Loyalty Rate (discount) includes:

  • The second article Loyalty Rate in One Year (7% discount)

  • Refereeing journal manuscripts Loyalty Rate (7% discount)

  • Students Loyalty Rate (7% discount)

  • Professors Loyalty Rate (7% discount)

How long does it take for the article to be printed?

Once the manuscript is accepted, it will be published online immediately, but it will take approximately 6 months to 1 year for final publication.