Smallholder Farmers Technical Efficiency and Production Constraints in Turmeric Production: in South-western Ethiopia

Document Type : Research Paper


Mizan-Tepi University, Mizan Teferi, Ethiopia, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Department of Agricultural Economics


The primary goal of the research was to quantify the technical efficiency and to identify its causes in the production of turmeric production in Sheko and Yeki districts. Three hundred sixty sample household heads were chosen using a two-stage random sampling procedure. Descriptive statistics and econometrics models like, Cobb-Douglas and Tobit's models were used to examine efficiency and determination respectively. As a result, the average technical efficiency was 73.72. The average technical efficiency suggests that it is possible to raise turmeric production by 26.28 percent without utilizing additional inputs. Land, labor, oxen, seeds, herbicide, and urea all had a big impact on how much turmeric was produced. The Tobit model revealed that gender, age, household size, the number of plots, and market information substantially impacted technical efficiency. Policies aimed at motivating and strengthening the existing agricultural extension system, and providing appropriate marketing information, are required to improve turmeric growers' production efficiency.


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