Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2015, Pages 131-254 
1. Nanobiosensors-their Applications in the Medicinal Plants Industry

Pages 131-140

Haidar Saify Nabiabad; Khosro Piri; Massoume Amini

8. Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil of Two Tanacetum Species from Iran

Pages 187-191

Mohammad-Bagher Rezaee; Kamkar Jaimand; Shahrokh Karimi

13. Evaluation of Morphological Traits and Oil Contents of Achillea aucheri from Different Altitudes

Pages 219-223

Abohassan Farhang Sardrodi; Azizollah Kheyri; Ali Soleymani; Ramin Zibaseresht

14. Optimization of in vitro Propagation of Qare-Qat (Vaccinium arctostaphylus)

Pages 225-231

Thahereh Hassanloo; Maryam Jafarkhani Kermani; Mahsa Malmir Chegini; Roshanak Sepehrifar; Sepehr Mohajeri Naraghi; Seyyed Mehdy Miri

15. Successful Indirect Regeneration of Arnebia pulchra (Roemer and Schultes) as Medicinal Plant

Pages 233-242

Tohid Ezati; Mohammad Javad Marefatjoo; Kamahldin Haghbeen; Reza Ahmmadkhaniha